Hale sweet shop The Gobstopper to close

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The Gobstopper sweet shop in Hale is to close down by the end of the month.

Manager Sean Sutton confirmed to Altrincham Today that the much-loved outlet on Ashley Road, which was originally opened by Mark and Lisa Oakes in July 2011, would be trading for the last time on September 27.

The decision follows the sale of The Gobstopper’s website to new, undisclosed owners, who have opted not to support a physical retail operation. The Gobstopper’s Lymm shop will also be closing, on September 28.

Sutton explained: “About eight to 10 weeks ago we were approached by somebody who wanted to buy our website. The shops have been doing OK but not as strong as they were last year.

“The idea was always that the shops would break even and it would be the website that took us forward, but over the last couple of years things have quietened down a bit. With our business being high volume for low turnover, you can experience a bit of a dip.

“We always hoped that the website would offset it, but even though we’ve put quite a bit of investment in online, we can’t really take it to the next step. It’s difficult unless you’ve got a dedicated team in-house to do all your link-building and things like that.”

The Gobstopper sold an extensive selection of retro-style sweets and has proved a popular destination for young children and the after-school crowd.

The only dedicated sweet shop in Hale, it had opened to great interest three years ago.

“When we first opened it was amazing,” added Sutton, “people were queuing down to the railway track, but as with anything you do then start to blend in a little bit.

“But it’s been a fantastic three years here and we have had the best customers.”

The Gobstopper sweet shop on Ashley Road in Hale

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