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7 hours ago

Altrincham Today

The clocks go back tonight - not that these two need reminding 🤣

Letter in today’s Times...
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The clocks go back tonight - not that these two need reminding 🤣

Letter in today’s Times...

Comment on Facebook The clocks go back ...

Awwe where is the business xx

Wow! Imagine all those cuckoos sounding off together!! 🙉😂

Put your clocks back to a time when the country had a backbone.

Thought the museum had closed

I remember these 2 lovely men when they had a small shop in sale, on washway rd , over 40 years ago. Xx

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8 hours ago

Altrincham Today

Well done Trafford Council 👏 ... See MoreSee Less

Well done Trafford Council 👏

Comment on Facebook Well done Trafford ...

I'd settle for having my green bins emptied regularly…

It's the right thing to do.

Brady is barfing onto his beige pants as we speak.\

Oh well done to Trafford.

Well done Trafford Council for supporting such an essential requirement or our children in need. For such an alleged prosperous Borough we still have food poverty which needs to be eradicated

Well done Trafford council

Róisín O'Gara Cxxx

Well done Trafford Council. X

Well at least they are doing something unlike the useless English government.

Well done Trafford Council.

Because Trafford council have been given extra money for children’s meals and people on universal credit are receiving £20 extra every week there are different ways to skin a cat

Graham Brady our MP for Altrincham and Sale West, voted against giving those in need what they require. Shame on you! Thank you Trafford council for stepping in where our government failed!

No one seems to know, or want to clarify, where this stepping up money has suddenly come from? Just to be clear can someone confirm if this is from the food support grant that councils have been given from government or is this actually Trafford using other funds? Let's not take the praise from the council but can we please be given the facts instead of just patting ourselves on the back. Businesses have genuinely offered to use their own funds to offer meals to those in need. That's stepping up.

Sir Graham will be absolutely fuuuuuurious about this after all his hard work voting for hungry children. He might have to have an extra subsidised steak dinner in the Commons dining room to make up for it.

The problem is that if families who are not on free school meals have been furloughed, they may not have the money for extra mouths to feed when the schools are on holiday

Well done Trafford Council! For once I am proud to live in Trafford! ❤️

This is brilliant, thanks Trafford Council 🥰 let’s hope other councils around the country follows suit ❤️


Thank goodness they have stepped up!

So not for every working class family


The council would not of done it off their own initiative .... they see a political gain..... yes good for doing it but should of been in place weeks ago not wait for a local footballer to challenge the systems...... did i say that out loud oh

Well done

Great to hear

So how does a family or single parent qualify for this? What and how does one provide proof of being in need?

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13 hours ago

Altrincham Today

This guy was taking no chances in Hale yesterday... 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

This guy was taking no chances in Hale yesterday... 🤔

Comment on Facebook This guy was taking ...

Well it is halloween ,🥶👽

The look of the other fella lol

Saw him in Alty yesterday afternoon!! Probably does the job!!😷

What the?? Nutter. We have a chap here who wears full blown gas mask??!!!

I saw him yesterday in Oldfield Brow!

It probably gives him more protection than a bit of cloth!

Was that taken just after the jewellers next to the level crossing was held up? #subtlegetaway

Julie Shaw Rasmussen was this the bloke you saw?! 😂

Simon Phillips.........this wasn’t you was it!?!?! 😂🙌🏾😜 xxx

Gareth King is this you??? 🤪😂🤣

Try a welder’s mask

Wonder if the same person buying cat treats

I saw him, and nearly had a Boba Fit of laughter.

Alan banking his takings

Finally, I have a use for my helmet!!!

Normal attention seeking behaviour for Hale

Saw him yesterday to x

Definitely a "helmet"

Ian McDade 🤣

Lauren McAlister give me strength ffs

I still have my old crash helmet somewhere, perhaps I could go out again?

You would all be complaining if had no covering at all !

Danielle Schofield🤣

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13 hours ago

Altrincham Today

Prime minister: Marcus Rashford 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

Prime minister: Marcus Rashford 🤣

Comment on Facebook Prime minister: ...

Christine Young

I had to Google who Marcus Rashford was.

Still, too many rich people in Alty will still vote for him, come next election.

Because the benefits system has been improved to look after poor families

Please note Your MP Graham Brady voted against feeding Children.

Graham Brady is your cliché of a tory. Hateful and heartless.

I reckon the people of Leeds & Yorkshire as a whole would take issue with Manchester becoming the capital. Only one way to sort it, a 2nd war of the roses.

I'd have said Rashford as President, Burnham as PM

The River Mersey. Its name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon language and translates as "boundary river" The Historic line is from the Mersey to the Humber.

Emily Rodrigues

Please let this be true 🙏


Rashford who ???

Vicki Sophie Alexandra 🤣

Dave Cash look who the PM for the north is...👍

Newcastle capital surely dave?

Coat of arms/country badge.

Mark Storey

Luke Taylor

Ben Lavers 😂

Philip Lavin

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