Short-term parking charges doubled in Altrincham in first increase in seven years

Half-hour stays would be reduced to 20p under council proposals
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Short-term parking charges across Altrincham were doubled yesterday, the first increase in seven years.

Part a borough-wide increase applying to both on-street parking and council-owned car parks, it now costs 20p for one hour and 60p for two, up from 10p and 30p respectively.

The cost for three-hour stays goes up from 70p to £1, while the day rate for on-street parking is unchanged at £2. Four-hour and all-day stays in car parks is being kept at £2 and £3 respectively (with the exception of Regent Road car park, where the all-day charge is £6).

Below: Parking meter users in Altrincham were yesterday met with a sticker informing them of the increase


The decision to increase parking charges across the borough was first proposed back in October when the council revealed how it was planning to save £24.3m from its 2015/16 budget, the result of government cuts.

The council then held a public consultation on its budget proposals, during which 51 responses were received in relation to parking: 35 in favour of the increase, 16 against. The proposed increase received unanimous support from councillors, and was finally approved last month.

A spokesperson from Trafford Council confirmed to us that the increase was “part of the budget proposals approved by full Council in February 2015”.

She added: “As part of the budget setting process there had been a full consultation with residents, businesses and other interested parties across the borough and the comments and views from this consultation were taken into consideration before the decision was made.

“Fees have been increased for stays of 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours from 10p to 20p, 30p to 60p and 70p to £1. Parking fees in Trafford are still some of the lowest in Greater Manchester. The changes are now being implemented.”

The increase is set to provide an additional £231,000 of income for the council over the 2015/16 financial year.

Recently we reported on the view of one local resident and businessman who believed parking charges in the borough should be abolished.


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