Which of these 22 local projects should share in £20,000 of funding? You can vote on Saturday

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Which of these 22 local projects should have a share in £20,000 of funding?

This Saturday, you can have your say.

Thrive Trafford and South Trafford Partnership are putting on a public voting event at Altrincham FC, which all the local groups who have applied to the Voluntary Sector Grant Fund will attend.

Groups have applied for funding to run projects which improve the local community and benefit people living within the South Trafford area.

All applicants will host a stall to provide voters with information about their project idea. Those attending will be able to meet the groups to ask questions about their projects before casting their votes. The highest scoring projects will then be awarded the funding to deliver their ideas.

Voting will take place at Altrincham FC between 12pm and 3pm on Saturday June 27th. Anyone aged 14 or over will be eligible to vote.

Below is a list of all the applicants and their projects:

Bowdon Festival
Project: To purchase a high quality digital keyboard with stand, stool and speakers to use instead of hiring a piano at Bowdon Youth Festival and other ad hoc events during the year.
Funding required: £1,898.98

Bowdon Allotments and Garden Society (BAGS)
Project: To purchase a shredder/chipper to enable more recycling and compost production; and to reduce the number of bonfires.
Funding required: £1,194.00

Relate GMS
Project: To provide counselling support for local residents who are unemployed, on low incomes or facing financial difficulty.
Funding required: £2,000.00

Cruse Bereavement Care
Project: To re-establish Cruse Bereavement Care in the Manchester area, training volunteers to deliver bereavement support.
Funding required: £2,500.00

The Hub
Project: To run a programme of workshops entitled ‘Eat Well Spend Less’ in partnership with two local social enterprises, Bounceback Food and 4Lunch.
Funding required: £2,300.00

Friends of Newton Park
Project: To purchase replacement goalposts and sockets which will enable the posts to be moved around different areas of the park.
Funding required: £1,618.82

The Counselling and Family Centre
Project: To set up a volunteer-run community café in our counselling centre with the aim of reducing isolation, sharing skills across the community, and offering people a route back into work though supported voluntary placements.
Funding required: £1,430.00

Friends of Navigation Recreation Ground
Project: To put more benches in the park to increase park use and more litter bins to address litter hot spots.
Funding required: £2,496.00

Touchdown Dance
Project: Delivery of workshops to centre on social inclusion, community development, and equality.
Funding required: £2,500.00

Autism Trafford Drop In
Project: To continue to deliver 2 Autism Drop In’s per month, with a view to having themed sessions.
Funding required: £700.00

Open Studios Altrincham CIC
Project: To provide two photography workshops alongside a competition to deliver excellent quality photographs which will be used to promote Altrincham.
Funding required: £2,054.85

Cyril Flint Volunteers
Project: To provide training and support for 12 new volunteers to become community be-frienders.
Funding required: £2,500.00

Friends of De Quincey Park
Project: To purchase seeds, shrubs, plants and fertiliser to improve the appearance of the park and to make it more attractive and enjoyable for users.
Funding required: £1,970.88

Friends of John Leigh Park
Project: To increase the number of people who eat picnics in the park through the provision of two picnic benches.
Funding required: £400.00

Altrincham French Festival
Project: To deliver a Christmas event and a French Themed Festival in Altrincham Town Centre.
Funding required: £2,500.00

Friends of Halecroft Park
Project: To make install a children’s herb garden within the play area of the park.
Funding required: £2,500.00

Project: To deliver a cultural project to celebrate the upcoming 75th anniversary of ‘The Battle of Britain’.
Funding required: £2,380.00

Strong voice – Patchwork project
Project: To deliver a project called “Broomwood people and places” aimed at reducing social isolation and lack of confidence in community members.
Funding required: £1,812.00

Seed Studios
Project: To develop an audio ‘mindfulness walk’ to help community members relax.
Funding required: £1,812.50

Hobblers & Wobblers & friends of Trafford
Project: To organise a trip to Lincolnshire for 12 people to see a Lancaster Bomber and to meet the Dignitry.
Funding required: £1,500.00

Altrincham Swimming Club
Project: To purchase an IPad to enable coaches to effectively record swimmers progress.
Funding required: £424.00

Collaborative Women UK CIC
Project: To deliver workshops to vulnerable women, to educate them to deal with their own finances and to improve their wellbeing.
Funding required: £2,402.41



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