Travellers’ group finally moved on after seven-day camp at Linotype Works

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A group of travellers finally left the site of the historic Linotype Works building in Broadheath this morning, over seven days after setting up camp.

The group left peacefully shortly after 10am after talks with local police officers and representatives from a bailiff company hired by landowners Morris Homes.

A total of eight vehicles with adjoining caravans and a BMW car had been trespassing on the site since arriving on the evening of Wednesday March 23rd.

The Linotype Works site after the travellers left this morning
The Linotype Works site after the travellers left this morning

The Easter weekend delayed the eviction process, which had to be initiated by Morris Homes as it was their land and not owned by the council.

Barnsley-based The Bailiff Company had attended the scene yesterday to enforce a court eviction order, only to find that the relevant judge would not issue the necessary paperwork as it was judged “out of hours”, much to local residents’ continuing frustration.

They attended again this morning, together with a tow truck, but no enforcement action was required and the travellers left in convoy in the direction of Lawrence Road.

Some of the litter left at the scene
Some of the litter left at the scene

Some litter has been left behind by the group, but there’s no word yet on whether any of the electrical and building goods within the historic building have been interfered with.

One of the most remarkable buildings in Altrincham, The Linotype and Machinery Company factory dates back to 1897. At the height of its success, the firm employed more than 10,000 people to make typesetting machines for the national newspaper industry.

More litter left at the scene
More litter left at the scene


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Seven and a half days after setting up camp at the Linotype Building, the travellers finally left just after 10am without incident. Here's what happened:

Posted by Altrincham Today on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Watch video of the travellers leaving this morning

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