Hale community centre and library plans to be revised after feedback from residents

The new community centre will be built on the site of the current bowling green pavilion
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Plans to create a new community centre and library in Hale have been welcomed by a “majority” of local residents and businesses – but revisions will now be made in the light of feedback relating to parking, noise, building architecture and the environment.

Proposals for the new developments have been on display in Hale Library as part of the planning application process and businesses and residents were also given the chance to talk to members of Hale Community Trust board.

Two planning applications have been submitted by Hillcrest Homes, Hale Community Trust and Trafford Borough Council using local architects Calderpeel.

One application details the plans to demolish the existing Hale Library and replace it with a mixed housing and retail development comprising six three-bed houses, two two-bed apartments and two retail units.

An indication of what the retail units and residential dwellings on Leigh Road and Addison Road could look like

This proposal derives from a bid from Hale Community Trust in partnership with Hillcrest Homes – approved by Trafford Council in May 2015 – to develop the site in conjunction with the creation of a new library on Cecil Road.

Those plans are covered by a separate application, which details the demolition of the existing bowling green pavilion which will be re-housed in a two-storey, 6,000 sq ft community building.

The proposals would see the building comprising a range of community uses, including bowling lounge, cafe, exhibition/events space, meeting rooms, seniors’ space and kitchen facilities.

How Hale’s new community centre – on the site of the current bowling pavilion – could look

Concerns have however been raised on issues relating to parking, noise, building architecture and the environment, which will all now be investigated by Hale Community Trust and the site developers. Once completed, a revised set of plans will be shared with the local community to seek their views.

Grahame Elliott, chairman of Hale Community Trust, said: “We want to thank everyone who took the time to visit the displays and provide their views and comments on these exciting proposals for the local community. We are confident that the new Hale Community Centre and Library will be a huge benefit to both the local community and businesses in the area.

An indication of how the residential and retail development on the site of the current Hale Library could look

“We received more than 140 written comments directly from the local community which have been shared with Trafford Council. We will ensure that we address any concerns, particularly those raised by people living next to the two sites. However, the vast majority of the comments received showed clear enthusiasm for the new community centre and library and the opportunities the new development will bring for local people.”

A revised set of plans will be submitted to Trafford Council’s planning committee before the summer.

Once the planning process is complete, the Trust plans to ask members of the local community for opinions on a new name for the community centre.

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