Dangerous A56 crossing set for £130,000 upgrade as Trafford Council backs teenager’s campaign

Eleanor at St Margaret's Crossing 2 (1)
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An Altrincham teenager’s campaign to improve a dangerous crossing on the A56 has been backed by Trafford Council – and a new road crossing costing up to £130,000 looks set to follow.

Eleanor Horner, a 13-year-old student at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, managed to attract over 600 signatures for a petition calling for action over the crossing near to St Margaret’s Church in Altrincham.

Eleanor Horner speaking at the council meeting last week

Eleanor led a debate on the matter at a council meeting last week – with the result that Trafford Council has agreed to conduct a full traffic and safety survey at the crossing in school term time.

Not only that, but the council has pledged to implement any recommendations in full, with council leader Andrew Western stating that a fully upgraded crossing could cost up to £130,000.

Eleanor standing at the dangerous crossing on the A56

The co-leader of The Green Party, Jonathan Bartley, had thrown his support behind Eleanor’s campaign, alongside local Green Party councillors Dan Jerrome and Geraldine Coggins.

Michael Welton, Green candidate for Altrincham in the local elections on May 2nd, said: “We couldn’t be more proud of Eleanor. She has shown that local residents can make a difference, however young. Altrincham’s Green Party councillors will work hard to ensure the council meets its promise to do what is necessary to make this dangerous crossing safe.”

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