Stun gun recovered after speeding car crashes outside Altrincham Fire Station

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Police recovered a stun gun after a speeding car crashed close to Altrincham fire station.

The potentially lethal weapon was discovered inside the vehicle after the occupants of the silver Volkswagen Golf got out and fled.

Both the gun and the car have been sent away for forensic testing, and no arrests have yet been made.

GMP Trafford South said the crash followed a short police pursuit, which started in Altrincham town centre in the early hours of Sunday.

The VW Golf that crashed outside Altrincham Fire Station

An inspector on patrol had attempted to stop the car after he saw it travelling at speed in the direction of Hale Road.

A Facebook statement from police said: “The vehicle continued at high speed and a short time later crashed outside the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service building in Altrincham (so loud it was enough to wake the firefighters up), big thanks to the firefighters who helped.

“The fire service quickly went outside and assisted police to secure the vehicle whose occupants had run off. On a search of the car a stun gun was located in the passenger side. Both car and firearm have been recovered for a forensic examination.”

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