Call for drivers to turn off their engines to cut pollution while waiting at level crossings in Altrincham

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Local residents are calling on drivers to turn off their engines at level crossings in Altrincham in order to cut the amount of air pollution that one doctor believes is putting their own health at risk.

Dr Patrick Carrington, a specialist in blood diseases, has launched a petition calling on Trafford Council to erect signs at the level crossings at Navigation Road, Hale and Deansgate Lane in Timperley, asking drivers to turn off their engines whilst waiting in queues.

His efforts are being supported by local residents and Green Party councillors, who claim that drivers are currently exposing themselves as well as pedestrians and people living in the area to the exhaust fumes.

Dr Paddy Carrington (4th from right) with Green Party councillor Geraldine Coggins (front centre) with locals at Navigation Road junction

Dr Carrington said: “Air pollution is being increasingly recognised as a cause of many diseases not just lung problems. Car drivers don’t realise that they are also putting their own health at risk as the exhaust is sucked into their cars and concentrated so that their exposure increases. They would also save money by switching off the engine if their car is stationary for more than 10 seconds.”

Green Party councillors say have been asked the council to act on the matter for years.

Green Party councillors Dan Jerrome (second from right) and Geraldine Coggins (right) campaigning on the issue in March 2017

Dan Jerrome, Green Party councillor for Altrincham, said: “We’re frustrated by how the council are dragging their feet. Residents need clean air inside and outside their homes. Similar signs are already in use elsewhere in the country. The council needs to act now.”

The petition can be signed online here.

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