Over 70 fines were issued to drivers parking close to Dunham Massey yesterday

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Police say they issued over 70 fines to drivers for parking illegally close to Dunham Massey yesterday.

Trafford Council warned on Wednesday that its parking enforcement officers would be in the area following a rise in “inconsiderate” parking close to the National Trust property.

The house and main car park at Dunham Massey have been closed throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, but visitors have continued to come to the area and park inappropriately on adjacent country lanes, causing problems for residents and creating access issues for emergency vehicles.

But despite the warning, over 70 penalty charge notices were issued by enforcement officers yesterday, and it’s understood that the officers have been “very busy” again today.

A penalty charge notice is £50 or £70, depending on the severity of the contravention, which is reduced by 50% if paid within 14 days.

The National Trust has urged people to “use good sense and be respectful of other communities when deciding to travel for your daily exercise”.

It added: “Whilst there are public rights of way running through the park, there is no parking close to the park.”

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