Former ice skating pro brings New York-style salad and juice bar to Altrincham

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A former professional ice skating coach has opened a New York-style salad and juice bar on Moss Lane in Altrincham.

Josh Peachey met up with Jake Bennett, the owner of Green & Co.

ALTRINCHAM TODAY: What did you do before hatching the plan for Green & Co?

JAKE BENNETT: I spent 10 years as director of coaching for ice skaters at Altrincham Ice Rink but have been in New York for the last three years coaching over there. I was initially an ice skater myself and then moved into coaching after I had finished competing. Being a funded athlete was great and took me all over the world. I sadly missed out on the Olympics because I blew my shoulder but that’s life!

AT: What sort of place is Green & Co?

JB: I have plenty of experience living in New York where these salad and juice bars are on every corner. We went to them all the time and it’ll be nice to bring some of that back to Altrincham. 

It’s not your super-healthy post-gym boiled chicken and rice kind of thing. It’s more of a healthier, quick option – something that we think Altrincham is missing.

We’ll be serving up fresh produce from the counter. Salads, grain bowls with rice or quinoa, protein tofu, roast chicken and a load of healthy veg. Of course, we’ll also have our juices, smoothies and coffee.

Green & Co’s Harvest Bowl

AT: Why do the people of Altrincham need a place like this?

JB: There are lots of different areas that contribute to your wellbeing but if you can lead a healthier lifestyle, eat a bit better and exercise a bit more, then it can lead to benefits elsewhere in your life. We’re just giving people the option of doing that. We’re not overly into calorie-counting or anything like that, it’s just a flavoursome, healthier option that will be better than a sausage roll. 

AT: With talks of a looming recession, are you brave or silly to be launching a business now?

JB: Businesses like us bring more confidence to the local economy. We’re also hoping to capitalise on less people commuting into the city centre for work. Those that are working at home more will want to pop out to Altrincham to get some fresh air and maybe a bite to eat. I think people will start to utilise their town centres more and Altrincham is great at that. 

Jake Bennett outside Green & Co, his new salad and juice bar, on Moss Lane

AT: Is there anyone in particular you consider your target market?

JB: We’re expecting the smoothies to be a hit with the school age and up. Young professionals will probably be our biggest market, those who are working hard and need a good healthy boost. There’s no real age limit as we’ll have a kids menu so families can come in too. 

AT: It’s your first business, what are you most excited for?

JB: There’s a great community here on Moss Lane and further around the town centre. There are a lot of strong food and drink establishments and we’re excited to be a part of that movement. Altrincham has definitely got a reputation now for a place to come and eat and drink. 

Green & Co, 5 Moss Lane, Altrincham WA14 1BA

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