Need a laptop? Library members in Altrincham can now borrow one for free

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Trafford Libraries have announced a new laptop lending scheme for members over the age of 16.

A laptop can only be obtained by Trafford Library members, with the Council urging those who are not already signed up to phone Altrincham library on 0161 912 3189.

Members are allowed to loan a device for a three-week period, but longer loans for specific purposes may be possible.  

Those without wifi can borrow 4G routers as part of the scheme to gain access to the internet. 

Labour Councillor Liz Patel, Trafford’s Executive Member for Culture and Leisure, said: “We’re delighted to launch our free laptop lending scheme, and would ask everyone to help spread the word about it. 

“Making sure more of our residents are online is one of the Council’s priorities. We want to help residents who are struggling because they don’t have the right equipment or know-how, ensuring we continue to look out for those who need our help the most.”

To place a reservation for a laptop call Altrincham Library, where a member of the libraries team will confirm your booking and notify you when a laptop becomes available. 

If you require further online support or need to learn basic digital skills, assistance is available from Trafford’s Digital Champions

Patel added: “Our brilliant Digital Champions can help people get started and get them confident with using the laptop.”

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