Altrincham house prices 2021: The top 20 most valuable roads in Bowdon

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Average house prices in Bowdon have risen to £924,206, according to new data from Zoopla.

Property prices increased by an average of £81,510 over the past year – equivalent to a 9.67 percentage increase.

While prices fluctuated less so than in other areas of Altrincham, Bowdon remained the most expensive place to live in the area.

Statistics also show that a standard property in Bowdon is 185% more expensive than the common abode in England and 325% more valuable than the average house in Greater Manchester. 

Theobald Road (£2,580,000) retained its status as the most lucrative road in the village.

The value of houses on Catherine Road has risen 8.36% in the past year

The top five most expensive roads in Bowdon also included York Drive (£2,346,000), Catherine Road (£2,023,000), Devisdale Grange (£1,853,000), Consort Place (£1,797,000) and Richmond Green (£1,686,000).

Four new roads made it into the list of Bowdon’s 20 most expensive roads, which included Devisdale Grange (£1,853,000), East Downs Road (£1,378,000), Beechfield (£1,364,000) and Park Road (£1,362,000).

The Top 20 Most Valuable Roads in Bowdon

RankStreet nameAverage house priceYear-on-year change
1Theobald Road£2,580,0004.70%
2York Drive£2,346,0006.39%
3Catherine Road£2,023,0008.36%
4Devisdale Grange£1,853,000N/A
5Consort Place£1,797,0004.78%
6Richmond Green£1,686,0006.17%
7Green Walk£1,644,0009.97%
8Eyebrook Road£1,633,0001.37%
9Windsor Drive£1,614,0006.31%
10Charcoal Road£1,613,0007.68%
11Bucklow View£1,612,0004.61%
12South Downs Road£1,576,0009.6%
13Devisdale Road£1,525,0006.47%
14Bowdon Road£1,515,0007.14%
15Enville Road£1,439,0008.6%
16Wolsey Drive£1,434,0009.01%
17Kings Acre£1,429,0004.46%
18East Downs Road£1,378,000N/A
20Park Road£1,362,000N/A

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