Twenty businesses become Refill Stations as Altrincham looks to cut back on single use plastics

Ginkgo Refill
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Twenty Altrincham businesses have signed up to take part in a Refill scheme to coincide with World Refill Day on June 16th.

The businesses will act as Refill Stations and include cafes offering free drinking water refills and discounts on hot drinks in a reusable cup to zero-waste shops and other plastic-free shopping options.

The scheme has been relaunched by the Altrincham Business Improvement District (BID) and the local businesses currently signed up include:

  • Altrincham Market House, Greenwood Street, WA14 1SA
  • Batch Deli, 6 Kings Court, Railway Street, WA14 2RD
  • Coffii 22, 22 Ashley Road, WA14 2DW
  • California Coffee, 3 Oxford Road, WA14 2DY
  • Costa Coffee, 28 George Street, WA14 1RJ
  • Ginkgo Herbs and Health, 56 Stamford New Road, WA14 1EE
  • Greggs, 54 George Street, WA14 1RH
  • Gran T’s Coffee House, 29 Stamford New Road, WA14 1EB
  • House Kitchen and Bar, 11-13 Goose Green, WA14 1DW
  • Moss Studio-Store, 13 Moss Lane, WA14 1BA
  • Mustard, 5-7 Shaws Road, WA14 1QU
  • Nando’s Altrincham, 48-50 Stamford New Road, WA14 1EJ
  • Orangetheory Fitness, 4 George Street, WA14 1SF
  • Project You, 14 The Downs, WA14 2PU
  • Stamfords Café Bar and Kitchen, 80 Stamford New Road, WA14 1BS
  • The Hive by VH Interiors, 32a Grosvenor Road, WA14 1LA
  • The Unicorn, 1-7 Ashley Road, WA14 2DP
  • Toast, 63 Stamford New Road, WA14 1DS
  • Two Brothers Coffee, 53 Stamford New Road, WA14 1DS
  • Tre Ciccio, 4a Moss Lane, WA14 1BA

Download the app here to see all the businesses involved.

Steven Sherratt from The Hive, one of the Refill Stations

Elizabeth Faulkner, BID Business Development Manager, said: “We are proud of our award-winning town and many of our businesses and the community are passionate about recycling and reuse.

“During the pandemic there has been an increase in the use of single use plastics and takeaway packaging, and by supporting the Refill campaign we hope to encourage people to make small changes.”

Qayyah Abdulla (pictured above), from Ginkgo Herbs and Health, said: “It’s been absolutely brilliant over the past year to see so many people in the Altrincham actively making the switch from single use plastic to regularly filling up not just on water but on everything from shampoo and cleaning products to their weekly groceries!

“We’re really excited to be relaunching our self-service refillery on the 16th June on World Refill Day.”

Chris Taylor, owner of Gran T’s Coffee House, which has also signed up

And Steven Sherratt, from The Hive by VH Interiors, added: “The Refill scheme is something we are really proud to support. We happily provide free refills of filtered tap water and offer a 10% discount on beverages for customers who use their own cups.”

If your business would like to register to be a Refill station, email

Guidance on how to accept reusable cups, bottles, and take-away containers in a Covid safe way can be found here.

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