Former Liberal Democrat HQ in Timperley to be transformed into nine luxury homes

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Nine luxury family homes are set to be built on the site of the former Liberal Democrat HQ in Timperley.

The homes will be built by Altrincham-based developer Landmark Property Group, which has acquired the Park Road building that was also the home of the Timperley Taverners social club.

The properties, a combination of semi-detached houses and townhouses, will have “unique architectural merit”.

Prices for the luxury homes will be about £600,000, and planning will be submitted in the next three to six months with the intention of beginning work in spring 2022.

The Timperley Taverners site has been owned by Altrincham and Sale Liberals since the late 1960s and has been run as a member-based social club since 1985, supporting a number of sports, education and charity organisations.

The site was also the home of the Timperley Taverners social club

The site has also served as the base of operations for local Liberal and Liberal Democrat activists for decades.

As a result of the acquisition and a decline in demand for members-only licensed premises, local Lib Dems are now on the hunt for a new base.

Timperley Taverners trustee and former Lib Dem Councillor, Brenda Ackroyd, said: “Liberal Democrats can be extremely proud of the Timperley Taverners legacy. The club was founded on sound principles of community activism. It has added real value to Timperley over several decades. We might be moving with the times, but we’re taking those community values with us and we’re excited for what comes next.

Other local schemes delivered by Landmark Property Group include Wellington Gardens, The Acres and Brook Gardens, with the latter due for completion soon.

Landmark is currently near to completing a three-home development on Brook Avenue in Timperley

Managing director Konrad Keller said: “We’ve worked closely with the Board of Trustees for the Timperley Taverners and understand that we have a duty of care and responsibility in ensuring we deliver a high-quality development that is sympathetic to the area, as well as providing well-needed homes for Trafford Borough Council.

“The site is unusual in that the topography is significantly lower than the level of the main road, but as a forward-thinking developer, we don’t shirk from challenges and enjoy the process of finding suitable solutions for complex sites.”

Timperley Lib Dem Councillor, Jane Brophy, added: “Landmark are a developer who understand Timperley and that is really important to us as local activists. We’ve seen the value they’ve added to Timperley through recent projects.”

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