Coggins to continue Altrincham work despite standing down as Trafford Greens leader

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Geraldine Coggins is standing down after three years as leader of Trafford’s Green Party – but will continue to work as a local councillor for Altrincham.

Coggins will be replaced as leader by Dan Jerrome, with Michael Welton as deputy.

When elected in 2018, Coggins and Jerrome were the first Greens on Trafford Council and the only representatives of the party in Greater Manchester.

Coggins said: “This has been a really interesting role over the last three years. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m pleased with what the team has achieved on the council.

“Our work on the climate emergency declaration, the use of glyphosate-based weedkillers and our campaigning for 20mph limits and better walking and cycling infrastructure has demonstrated that the Greens in the room can make a huge difference to the way the council works.”

Coggins held the Altrincham seat for the Greens in May’s local elections, with 2,387 votes, well clear of the Conservative candidate Shengke Zhi.

Jerrome added: “Geraldine has overseen the creation of a new party at Trafford Council. She’s put Trafford Greens on the political map and held a complacent council firmly to account. I only hope I can continue this great record of achievement.”

Pictured: Geraldine Coggins with Michael Welton (left) and new leader Dan Jerrome

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