Five Minutes With… Tina Reynolds, Internal Resourcing Partner, Omni

Tina Omni
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Based here in Altrincham, Omni is a local leading independent provider of resourcing transformation and outsourced recruitment services, working to change the way organisations resource for the better.

Omni is currently looking for Trainee Recruitment Partners to support the business’s fast growth ambitions. Whether you’re a graduate looking to start your career, or have experience in a customer service environment and are ready for a change, this is the perfect time to join the company.

Internal Resourcing Partner, Tina Reynolds, has been at Omni for 15 years and is a graduate of the trainee scheme. Here she discusses her life at Omni and her hopes for her career.

ALTRINCHAM TODAY: Hi Tina, thanks so much for talking to us. To start off, could you tell us a little about yourself?

TINA REYNOLDS: Thanks for inviting me to speak! Of course – I’m Altrincham born and bred, and have raised my own family here too. After attending Altrincham Grammar Girls School, I headed off to university, then secured a graduate role at Omni. I’ve now been here for 15 years, and even met my husband at Omni – we now have a little girl together, so I’m happy to have experienced such great things, both personally and professionally, with Omni. In my spare time, I love food and holidays – who doesn’t! – so I can usually be found out with friends or family at some of the great food spots we have here in Altrincham.

AT: Whilst you’ve now been at Omni for 15 years, what initially attracted you to the company as a graduate?

TR: At the time, ​​I was working as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant for a recruitment agency, and was approached about the graduate opportunity at Omni. I had never heard of an RPO before, and it introduced me to a whole new side of recruitment where you didn’t need to cold call businesses, but could still focus on the job and earn commissions and bonuses. I loved recruitment, but didn’t enjoy the new business development, so the fit was perfect. It was also even better that Omni was local to me.

AT: Looking back on your career so far, how would you describe Omni in three words? 

TR: Supportive, ambitious and fun. What makes Omni a great place to work is without doubt the people. Having been here for 15 years, I’ve made true friends for life. I even married one of them!

AT: In your early days at Omni, what did you most enjoy about the experience?

TR: I’ll always remember my onboarding at Omni. The nature of the organisation and the people has always stuck with me, especially how friendly and supportive everyone was to me as a new member of the team.

AT: Has there been an opportunity to work on different roles or across different departments?

TR: Yes, definitely. There are so many different career paths here at Omni – I have had several roles here, and have been promoted on quite a few occasions. It’s great to be recognised and valued whilst having the visibility of what is available internally.

AT: For anyone considering joining Omni’s trainee scheme, what are the main things you’d like them to know?

TR: The scope of growth and opportunity you have at Omni is really important to note. We’re a fast growing, fun company, with great leaders, amazing teams and excellent development. We really enjoy supporting, rewarding and developing our staff, so there’s always room for growth and so many opportunities for your career here.

AT: And finally, how would you say you’ve grown as a professional since joining Omni?

TR: I’ve grown in so many ways. I joined this very same scheme 15 years ago, and due to the opportunities and training available, I’m now a confident senior recruiter with a varied skilled set. I’ve been able to develop so many skills, from leadership and people management, all the way to project management and presentation planning and delivery. I’m still growing at Omni – you really never know what is around the corner, especially at the pace we’re growing! The training programme is now open to anyone (not just Grads) who want to develop a career with our team at Omni.

If you’d like to find out more about Omni’s Trainee Scheme, please visit the careers page, or contact Tina Reynolds, at

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