“He was so full of life”: Altrincham man killed during base jump in Italy

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It’s been revealed that a man who died during a base jump in Italy was from Altrincham.

Dylan Roberts, 33, had carried out dozens of jumps and was also a former instructor with British Parachute schools.

He was with a group of five friends when he launched himself off an 800-metre ledge on Mount Brento in the Italian Dolomites on Friday June 3rd.

Tragically, friends said his parachute had failed to open and Dylan was killed instantly after appearing to hit the side of the mountain. His body was recovered by mountain rescue teams.

Dylan Roberts had carried out more than 1,000 jumps since 2014

Dylan, who still had a home in Altrincham, grew up on Avon Road in Hale before going to Stamford Park Primary school and then Manchester Grammar School.

A friend told us he “was so full of life and his smile was contagious… we all loved him so much.”

The online base jumping forum BLINC also posted a tribute to Dylan, who was nicknamed ‘English’, reporting how he had carried out more than 1,000 jumps since 2014.

Dylan was described as a “kind and gentle soul”

It said: “English was a kind and gentle soul who had experienced some trauma over recent years with the loss of a close friend and a serious tandem/skydiving related neck injury.

“He was determined to make this year a positive year and was always full of bright, bubbly energy. He will be missed very much by many people.”

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