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How to choose a new kitchen this spring, by Altrincham firm PGN Kitchens

A new kitchen often features high on wishlists at the start of the year, so we asked experienced kitchen designer Phil Nott to share his insight on where to start.

Phil Nott, who has been designing kitchens for over 25 years, now has his own Altrincham showroom at PGN Kitchens.

His mission at the Manchester Road base is to offer the "best possible product within a budget range”.

With falling house prices and high mortgage rates forcing many people to shelve hopes of moving to a new house, many are looking to invest within their current home.

A new kitchen often features high on wishlists at the start of the year, so we asked Phil to share his insight on where to start.

Altrincham Today: What design and colour trends are you predicting will be big this year?

Phil: We offer such a huge selection of styles and colours and with most of our selection we offer the facility to supply kitchens in a bespoke colour including Farrow & Ball colours.

The list is almost endless with timeless and affordable classics such as cream, calico and light grey through to the very on-trend blues and greens that will continue to be big this year.

Blue kitchens are on-trend this spring

We have also had a few enquiries for dusky pink on two fitted bedrooms.

We are here to guide you not only through the choices available but also on the potential cost impact on standard colours versus bespoke-painted. 

AT: Various sources suggest we should be spending anything between 5-15% of the value of the property on a new kitchen - but if budgets are tight, what would be your advice and tips in still achieving a quality finish?   

Phil: That is correct and assuming the budget is available the impact would be to increase the valuation of the property, but if budgets are tight or someone is cautious about the spend limit especially during the current economic climate, I would suggest looking at replacing doors and panels. This is a clever option available, and we can also cater for additional units to be supplied for an island as an example.

The cost of replacement doors and panels would be around 50% on the cost of a totally new kitchen so could well be a great alternative that gives a beautiful new look.

AT: For anyone thinking about replacing their kitchen this spring - why should they consider using PGN? 

Phil: Using a reputable and professional company such as PGN Kitchens ensures that the project is completed right first time and could in fact save you a substantial amount of money

There are a lot of nightmare stories on kitchens that have gone wrong, especially with the larger national companies.

PGN Kitchens are not only a reputable specialist but as a small family-run company, we can ensure a very personal service focusing on quality of products and quality of any work carried out, ensuring both are to the highest standards at usually no more cost than the national companies.

We also offer fitted bedrooms, boot rooms and home offices as part of our portfolio. Have a look at our reviews on Trustpilot!  

If a customer wants to update and repurpose their kitchen - rather than totally replacing it - what service do you offer and what's the process? 

Phil: We would arrange a home visit and survey to assess the requirements and make suggestions on site, on where savings can be made. We can suggest ways to minimise costs whilst maximising the wow factor.

We can also arrange to change doors and panels, worktops, sink & tap as well as any additional units that may be required.  

For a no obligation consultation contact Phil at PGN on 0161 928 3599 or or direct message on 07843 871191