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Films of the Fortnight: Early Man, Winchester, 12 Strong and more

Here’s the latest instalment of our regular feature, where we hand-pick a selection of films showing at our only cinema, Vue Altrincham.

Here’s the latest instalment of our regular feature, where we hand-pick a selection of films showing at our only cinema, Vue Altrincham.

Film fan Mark Rocks takes you through them…

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Out This Week

12 Strong (15)

January is winding down, and if a helping of testosterone-fuelled war scenes is what you need to make it to the end of the month, then ’12 Strong’, the Chris Hemsworth-led true story about soldiers sent to Afghanistan after 9/11 is the movie for you.

Based on the best-selling book Horse Soldiers, ’12 Strong’ follows Chris’s Captain Mitch Nelson and the rest of Task Force Dagger as they are positioned in war-torn Afghanistan after the most devastating Western terrorist attack in modern history. After joining forces with the Northern Alliance, the team begin conducting warfare against the Taliban amidst fever-pitch political tension.

Unsurprisingly, the movie is a patriotic look at this fraught time in America’s history. Featuring stellar performances from Michael Shannon and Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes, ’12 Strong’ delivers exactly what it promises to, and should satisfy any action fans out there.

Out next week

Winchester (TBC)

Time for our monthly standard horror movie fare! Let’s get the checklist underway:

Produced by Lionsgate? Yes

Haunted house? Of course

‘Based on a true story’? You bet your bottom dollar

However, one thing ‘Winchester’ has that other such movies doesn’t is… Helen Mirren. That’s right, the Oscar-winning national treasure plays the lead in this upcoming horror, playing Sarah Winchester, the owner of the world’s most haunted house. Shrouded in a black veil and speaking very slowly, Helen Mirren is hamming it up for the masses, roaming from room to room warning an inquisitive visitor of the terrors that await him if he remains in her mansion.

The trailer is by-the-numbers, which is to say that a CGI character pops up through a crack in the door, and a mirror suddenly shows another CGI character which wasn’t there mere moments ago. Honestly the only thing that sets this movie apart from others of its ilk is the presence of an actress as revered and dependable as Helen, but that should pique enough of your curiosity to warrant buying a ticket when it opens on February 2nd.

Last Chance to See

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (12A)

In life, three things are certain; death, taxes, and a mass outpouring of criticism whenever any movie with more than three fans is remade by a movie studio.

What was surprising, however, was the vitriol thrown at Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. The original, although fun, was hardly a masterclass in film-making, and appears to have banked more nostalgic goodwill than it perhaps deserved. But that didn’t stop the fans from crying out in their droves that this Dwayne Johnson reboot was somehow desecrating cinema.

I haven’t checked, but I imagine there’s been more than a few tails between legs upon the realisation that Welcome to the Jungle is a hilarious, fun-filled, and relentlessly entertaining movie which families all around the world can enjoy. Either that, or the original fans haven’t bothered watching it to make up their mind. Their loss.

Family Favourite

Early Man (PG)

Aardman Animations is the underdog of the children’s animation game. Hardly ever uttered in the same breath as Pixar or Disney, they nevertheless have given us some of the most beautifully crafted stories which have entertained children and parents alike the world over.  With that in mind, we have every reason to expect that the upcoming Early Man will continue their winning streak.

Boasting the vocal talents of Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston and Maisie Williams, Early Man tells the story of young caveman Dug, as he and his wild boar Hognob team up to protect his village from the oncoming threat of Lord Nooth.

You know what you’re getting with Aardman. It’s going to be heart-warming, it’s going to feature stop-motion animation that’ll make your mind boggle, and the humour will be so quintessentially British you’ll basically be served tea and scones to watch it with instead of popcorn and Coke. Try not to be charmed by this movie.

Coming Soon

Fifty Shades Freed (18)

And we’ve finally reached the conclusion! After the first two Fifty Shades movies made millions the world over, Ana and Christian are now married and ready to live their lives blissfully together with absolutely no issues and nothing exciting will happen them.

JUST KIDDING! As expected, Ana’s life is now in danger as her former boss has developed an unhealthy obsession with her. Typically, Christian won’t take this lying down, and uses his immeasurable wealth (and equally unhealthy obsession) to ensure no harm comes her way.

Let’s call a spade a spade guys. If you like the first two Fifty Shades instalments (and I really think there’s more to be enjoyed than public opinion would have you believe), then you’ll be waiting for this with bated breath. If not, you won’t find anything here to suddenly ignite your passion for this controversial love story.

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