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Broadheath gain gives Conservatives a clean sweep of Altrincham wards in local elections

Stephen Anstee’s win in Broadheath gave the Conservatives a clean sweep of local election wards within Altrincham.

Stephen Anstee’s win in Broadheath last night gave the Conservatives a clean sweep of local election wards within Altrincham.

Trafford Council leader Sean Anstee had targeted a win in the ward, previously held by Labour, and his twin brother came through with a majority of 613.

The Conservatives comfortably held Altrincham, Bowdon, Brooklands, Hale Barns, Hale Central, Timperley and Village.

Cllr Anstee said: “I am very pleased with the election result in Trafford as once again local people have decided to place their trust in re-electing a Conservative controlled council with an increased majority.

“To be able to achieve this result demonstrates the confidence residents have in local Conservatives to overcome the challenges the Council faces in future, but also to share in our positive vision set out in the run up to the election – this is a great outcome for our communities.

“On behalf of Trafford Conservatives, thank you to everybody who voted for our candidates this year.”

Here are the full results across Altrincham wards. Click here for the full Altrincham and Sale West constituency results.

ALTRINCHAM (Conservative Hold)


Michael Young (Conservative) 3102
Waseem Hassan (Labour) 1390
Daniel Jerrome (Green) 694
Richard Elliott (Lib Dems) 612

BOWDON (Conservative Hold)


Michael Hyman (Conservative) 3700
Tom Hague (Labour) 773
Nicholas Davies (Green) 398
Elizabeth Hogg (Lib Dems) 370

BROADHEATH (Conservative Gain)


Stephen Anstee (Conservative) 3274
Aidan Williams (Labour) 2659
Pauline Cliff (Lib Dems) 489
David Eatock (Green) 254

BROOKLANDS (Conservative Hold)


David Hopps (Conservative) 2952
Gary Keary (Labour) 1868
James Eisen (Lib Dems) 472
Joseph Ryan (Green) 378

HALE BARNS (Conservative Hold)


Bernard Sharp (Conservative) 3499
Barbara Twiney (Labour) 851
Rozina Chaudry (Green) 325
Sandra Taylor (Lib Dems) 325

HALE CENTRAL (Conservative Hold)


Patricia Young (Conservative) 3394
Beverly Harrison (Labour) 1126
Samuel Little (Green) 482
Kirsty Cullen (Lib Dems) 463

TIMPERLEY (Conservative Hold)


Angela Bruer-Morris (Conservative) 2911
William Jones (Lib Dems) 1827
Mal Choudhury (Labour) 1189
Jad Leigh (Green) 368

VILLAGE (Conservative Hold)


Laura Evans (Conservative) 2246
Tony O’Brien (Labour) 1564
Julian Newgrosh (Lib Dems) 1112
Jennie Wadsworth (Green) 276

Picture: Helen Johnson/MEN