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Hit-and-run driver condemned for “indescribable selfishness” as he admits leaving cyclist to die on Timperley road

A hit-and-run driver who mowed down a cyclist and left her die in the road was condemned for his “indescribable selfishness” as he confessed to the killing today.

Pictured is Ajay Singh. Gurparthab Ajay Singh (03/04/91) of Hall Lane, Wythenshawe has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving, failing to stop after road traffic collision and failing to report a road traffic collision. Police were called shortly before 7.55am on Sunday 27 August 2017 to a report of a collision between a cyclist and a car on Stockport Road, Timperley. Emergency services attended and the female cyclist, who has since been formally identified as 24-year-old Vicky Myres from Flixton, was taken to hospital where she sadly died.

A hit-and-run driver who mowed down a cyclist and left her die in the road was condemned for his “indescribable selfishness” as he confessed to the killing today.

Ajay Singh, 26, was arrested last month after his VW Polo ploughed into Vicky Myres on Stockport Road as she was out cycling with her boyfriend’s mother in Timperley at 8am on a Sunday.

He then sped off in the vehicle leaving Miss Myres, 24, dying at the roadside.

The victim, a florist from Flixton, was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead after suffering fatal injuries.

The scene on Stockport Road after last month’s hit and run

Following the tragedy it emerged she had just bought a house with her long-term partner James with whom had recently cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Singh was traced several hours after the crash and arrested. Experts are now currently studying blood or urine samples taken from him to establish whether he was over the drink and drug driving limit at the time of the impact.

At Minshull Street Crown Court today, Singh hung his head as he pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and also failing to stop and report a road crash.

He faces a maximum 14 years in prison when he appears again in court next month but the length of his stretch is expected to be discounted due to his guilty plea.

Vicky Myres, a florist from Flixton, was left to die at the roadside

In 2010 he had appeared before court aged 18 over an attack by a gang on a 17-year old boy at a park in Rochdale which left the victim with bleeding on the brain.

Relatives of Miss Myres wept in the pubic gallery as prosecutor Rob Hall said: “At the moment the Crown doesn’t have the results of any blood toxicology in relation to samples taken.

“He may be entering a plea without knowing the nature of the aggravating features – but I do understand though that the defendant would like to get back some credit. If he pleads it will make it difficult for the Crown to put in a new charge.

“Toxicology results are due back this week and we have to look at back calculations as well. The Crown would be able to serve everything of significance within 28 days. The defendant is likely to face a substantial term.”

Singh will be sentenced on October 26th

Remanding Singh in custody, Judge John Potter told him: “You have pleaded guilty to the most indescribable selfishness which has caused significant harm to the rest of their lives to many, many people.

“You have to understand as a consequence the court will impost custody of some length. Exactly how long will be determined by a colleague of mine on October 26. It can’t be imposed today because there’s more information the CPS need to provide before the court can give an appropriate sentence.

“On October 26 everything will be in place to receive as I say what will be a significant custodial sentence. I disqualify you immediately, the exact amount of the disqualification will be determined on October 26. There is only one outcome which is immediate custody. I will remand you until October 26.”

Singh hanged his head as he walked out of the dock back to the cells. He didn’t appear to wave or even acknowledge two relatives who had come to support him.

At the time of Miss Myres’ death, her family said: “Our lovely daughter Vicky Myers has been taken from us at the age of only 24, leaving her mum and dad, sister Rachael, bother Andrew, Grandad and Grandma, Sarah and Martin and especially partner, James, devastated.

Vicky and her long-term partner James had only recently completed a bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats

“She had everything to live for and, together with James, had brought a house last year and just completed Lands End to John O’Groats by bike – over 1,000 miles within 12 full days of cycling.

“Her life was perfect, she lived it to the full and, together with her devoted partner James, they were planning longer and more exotic trips.

“She had been a vegetarian for a while and more recently had become a vegan and enjoyed working as a florist.

“It’s easy to say your daughter is lovely but she was, both inside and out. It has left a void that we cannot see being filled, ever.”

Additional reporting: Cavendish Press