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Everything parents and children need to know about the BBC’s new education offer, Bitesize Daily

The BBC has launched its biggest ever education offer to help home-learning children through the coronavirus outbreak.

The BBC has launched its biggest ever education offer to help home-learning children through the coronavirus outbreak.

Bitesize Daily, which launches on Monday 20th April, has been put together in just four weeks and will offer 14 weeks of curriculum-based learning for kids across the UK.

It will deliver a tailored day of learning across BBC iPlayer, Red Button, BBC Bitesize website and app, BBC Four and BBC Sounds, and is aimed at minimising disruption to children’s education.

Among the highlights:

  • Renowned physicist, Professor Brian Cox will bring science lessons to life, covering topics including the solar system, force and gravity
  • Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will be getting kids across the country counting in Spanish
  • Former MP, Ed Balls, will be delivering a KS3 maths class
  • Danny Dyer, EastEnders actor and direct descendant of King Edward III, delivers the facts on another historic king, Henry VIII as he brings history to KS1 pupils, while Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker will also be dropping into Bitesize Daily lessons.
  • Sir David Attenborough will be helping youngsters to learn about the oceans, mapping the world and why animals look the way they do
  • Liam Payne, Mabel and a host of musical stars take part in a week-long Musical Big Read – an extension to a weekly Book Club that will run throughout the 14-week term.
Sir David Attenborough will be one of those involved

Both in front of and behind the camera, over 200 teachers have come together to help the nations kids keep learning whilst schools are closed.

In week one students will meet Mr Burton (Educating Yorkshire), Ms Webb (Primary), Mr Brown (Secondary), Ms Armit (Secondary), Mr Mycock (Secondary) and Mr McPartlin of Britain’s Got Talent fame. They will all front daily lessons available from 9am each week day on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.

All elements of Bitesize Daily have been developed with teaching professionals.

Alice Webb, Director BBC Children’s & Education said “We said the BBC would be there for people through this crisis, and we meant it. It’s vital that every child is able to continue learning – and the lessons we’re putting on will make sure they have fun at the same time.”

Full details:

BBC Bitesize Daily

Every day, 6 x 20 min programmes, Bitesize Daily, will air on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button targeting six age groups, from 5 to 14, where teachers, experts and famous faces cover off what that age group should be learning that day. Each programme will be available on BBC iPlayer as well as having its own regular slot on BBC Red Button aiding routine and daily structure.

From Bitesize Daily, parents and children will be directed online to BBC Bitesize for an age appropriate ‘daily drop’ of specially curated videos, quizzes, podcasts and worksheets to bring to life core curriculum subjects such as Maths, English and Science. As well as being offered suggestions on how to extend learning around the home.

These shows are aimed at all children across the UK and split into age groups 5-7 years, 7-9 years, 9-11 years, 11-12, 12-13 years and 13-14 years.

Bitesize Daily Online

Bitesize Daily Online will deliver a newly created Maths and English lesson every day, for each year group from 1-10. Resources from BBC Bitesize, other parts of the BBC, and trusted education providers, are being brought together to create these easy-to-follow daily lessons in the core subjects. As well as offering resources in Maths, English and Science, parents and children will find resources for other subjects such as history, geography and art. The online content will also complement the daily broadcast with video, quizzes, infographics and articles that help children build on the learning from each broadcast. The website will also house guides offering help to parents about how to teach their child, advice for effective home schooling, and guides for pupils with SEN (Special Education Needs).

On social media, parents will be able to access further advice about teaching via BBC Bitesize Facebook and Twitter which will be updated regularly with helpful guides.

BBC iPlayer BBC iPlayer will serve up specially curated content to showcase the very best curriculum-related videos and programmes. Organised by year group and subject, it will be easy for children to find and navigate further support for their learning.

BBC Sounds

Two brand new daily education podcasts will be available on BBC Sounds aimed at parents of primary and secondary pupils. Each episode lasts around ten minutes and will be a guide to help families who are home schooling find content on the BBC that supports their education and wellbeing. Both podcasts – BBC Bitesize Primary Planner and BBC Bitesize Secondary Planner – will be available on voice devices too.

BBC Four

BBC Four is devoting a block of programming each weekday evening to shows that support GCSE and A-Level curriculums, bringing back premium factual programmes presented by some of Britain’s most authoritative voices on Science and History. For students studying Science, programmes of interest for them include Pain, Pus & Poison, Chemistry: A Volatile History, Blood & Guts: A History of Surgery and Shock & Awe: The Story of Electricity. And for students of History, highlighted programmes include Mary Beard’s Meet the Romans, Michael Wood’s Story of England, Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain and Tunes For Tyrants.

These factual programmes are in addition to the previously announced Shakespeare plays, which will see BBC Four broadcast theatre versions of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Much Ado about Nothing, Othello and Hamlet.

Other classic drama adaptations on the current exam syllabus that will be shown on BBC TV includes King Lear starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson directed by Sir Richard Eyre; Russell T Davies’ adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Tess Of The D’Urbevilles starring Gemma Arterton; Pride And Prejudice; Great Expectations starring Gillian Anderson and Ray Winstone; Jane Austen’s Emma and JB Priestley’s An Inspector Call.