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Ask the Candidates 2024: Oliver Carroll, Conservatives

Ahead of the general election on July 4th, we've invited all the candidates for an interview.

As part of our general election coverage this year, we have invited each of the six candidates standing for election in Altrincham and Sale West to an interview.

Five of the six candidates have so far accepted our invitation, and we'll be running their interviews over the course of this week, the last full week before the country goes to the polls on Thursday 4th July.

This week we'll be running (in alphabetical party order) all those interviews on our website and across our social platforms, starting with the Conservatives' Oliver Carroll today, followed by Geraldine Coggins (Greens) tomorrow, Connor Rand (Labour) on Wednesday, Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrats) on Thursday and then Paul Swansborough (Reform) on Friday. As yet, Faisal Kabir (Workers Party of Britain) has not responded to our request for an interview.

Each candidate faces the same 20 questions. The first third relate to general questions about the candidate, the second third relate to questions and issues contributed by our readers, and the final third are quickfire questions intended to help constituents to get to know a bit more about the people behind the politics.

Here's the first interview, with Conservative Party candidate Oliver Carroll:

Ask the Candidates 2024: Oliver Carroll, Conservatives

The full list of candidates standing in Altrincham and Sale West at the general election 2024:

  • Oliver Carroll (Conservatives)
  • Connor Rand (Labour)
  • Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrats)
  • Geraldine Coggins (Green)
  • Paul Swansborough (Reform)
  • Faisal Kabir (Workers Party of Britain)

Thanks to Kennedy's Irish Bar and Mort Subite for helping with the venues for these interviews.