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Maths learning centre offers free teaching over half-term as it reaches 50 students

Mathnasium has proved a hit since opening on Stamford New Road in February.

A maths learning centre described as “like a gym for maths” is offering a free week over the half term as it celebrates getting its first 50 students.

Mathnasium has proved a hit since opening on Stamford New Road in February, one of the company's first centres in the North.

Designed for children in Years 1 to 11, Mathnasium works on a membership basis - like a gym - meaning students can pop in whenever they want.

Centre Director Josh Hammond, who has worked with the company for eight years, said he was delighted with how the new launch had gone.

He said: "We are absolutely thrilled with how our first few months in Altrincham have gone.

Mathnasium on Stamford New Road

"We now have over 50 students on our books and are continuing to grow fast.

"Each student has an individualised learning plan that is completely bespoke to them, and it's been wonderful to see the progress they have been making towards their own particular goals."

Erhan, aged 9, has been attending the Altrincham centre. 

He said: "Mathnasium has massively helped me improve my maths, especially my techniques for addition and subtraction, making change with money, and telling time. I love earning star cards and getting rewarded for my work! There are lots of games and puzzles to play at the end of my session, and I loved the recent movie night!" 

Ava, aged 7, added: "One day at Mathnasium, I was learning about fractions. Then, I saw fractions at school but didn't need any help because Mathnasium had already helped me with them. I like that if I find something tricky at Mathnasium, there's always someone to help me.' 

Ava, one of the students at Mathnasium Altrincham

Mathnasium is now putting on a free week this half-term for any students who may be interested in signing up.

Between Saturday 25th May and Saturday 1st June, students can gauge their current maths knowledge by taking a free maths assessment, with detailed feedback, and also pop in for two free 90-minute sessions.

Josh added: "This is the perfect opportunity to get to know how Mathnasium works and to find out how we can support your maths learning.

"Places are limited, so please pop in to sign up or email me on"