Owner’s warning after two cats die of suspected poisoning in Timperley

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Police have issued a warning to pet owners in Timperley after two cats died after apparently being poisoned.

Rachel McFarlane, of Briarfield Road, has been told by her vet that it’s “highly likely” that two of her four cats were poisoned this week.

One, a two-year-old male called Bailey, was found dead in her garden on Monday.

The other, a seven-month-old ginger and white female called Forrest, was discovered in a “very poorly state” this morning and subsequently put down by a vet.

Two-year-old Bailey
Two-year-old Bailey

Rachel said Forrest was “was floppy, constantly crying and vomiting”, and her eyes had turned white.

She added: “It was awful. I want to give a warning to other people because I really don’t want people to go through what I’ve been through this week.”

Rachel, who also has three dogs, has been advised to keep her two other cats indoors for the next four to six weeks.

A police spokesperson said: “The circumstances behind this are not known at this stage as to whether the cats were deliberately poisoned, however we just want to make cat owners aware of this possibility.”

Seven-month-old kitten Forrest
Seven-month-old kitten Forrest
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