Terminally ill Timperley mum in desperate bid to raise £50,000 for life-saving treatment

Alison is looking to raise £50,000 to fund a trip to Germany for life-saving treatment
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A Timperley woman with terminal cancer is looking to raise £50,000 to undergo specialist treatment in Germany that could save her life.

Mother of two Alison Rolfe, 50, was diagnosed with small bowel cancer in October 2015 after suffering chronic symptoms for several years.

She believes her condition could have been diagnosed much earlier had it not been confused with irritable bowel syndrome after she was diagnosed with coeliac disease in 2014.

She underwent a course of chemotherapy which was initially successful, meaning she could then have the operation she needed.

Alison (left) in healthier times with daughter Chelsea
Alison (left) in healthier times with daughter Chelsea

Alison had the Whipple procedure, which removed parts of her digestive system and means that she now has a Hickman line, through which she is fed. Alison was given the all clear but four days later was told that the cancer was still present.

She has now been diagnosed with a second tumour, and her best chance of survival rests with a clinic in Germany that could help her with specialist treatment.

Her friend, Tracey Jones, said: “Chemotherapy has been postponed for Alison now due to her current medical state. But the success stories of people who went to Germany after being told there was no further treatment available to help them is amazing.”

Alison Rolfe is looking to raise £50,000 to fund her potentially life-saving treatment in Germany

“The main factor preventing Alison from being there right now is still the finance as although a great amount was raised the cost for treatment to start is approximately £50,000.

“If one person deserves every chance it is Alison, for her kind heart that is as strong as a lion.”

Alison, a sales administrator, is married to Darren, 50, and the couple have two children – 24-year-old Liam and Chelsea, 20.

Alison with daughter Chelsea
Alison with daughter Chelsea

Tracey added: “Alison’s determination has come from the love she has for her family her friends and life itself as she is one of the most unselfish kindest people I know. She has always been a little party animal and worked hard to raise her children and her beauty that comes from within shows on the outside as her home and her family are just as beautiful and hard working.”

“Alison hates fuss and will not thank anyone for trying to mollycoddle her… but put the music on or put the kettle on and chat and laugh and she will thank you for it and always find a smile for you.”

A Just Giving page has been set up to raise money for Alison’s treatment in Germany – it can be found here.

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