Altrincham will be hotter than Athens or Alicante this Easter weekend

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Put those Easter bonnets away – the current cold snap looks set to end in delightfully warm fashion this weekend.

Heavy overcoats were back out in force this weekend as a Scandinavian wind put a real chill in the air.

But as the four-day holiday approaches this weekend, the Met Office says “it should start to feel a lot warmer” as the wind direction switches to a south-easterly.

And that is set to ensure a glorious holiday period for us here in Altrincham, with temperatures hitting 21 degrees on Good Friday, a toasty 22 degrees on Easter Saturday and 20 degrees on Easter Sunday.

So shed a moist tear for the poor citizens of Athens in Greece, who will be shivering away in temperatures of just 15 and 16 degrees over the weekend.

While even the normally reliable Spain will be feeling the chill, with Alicante coming in at 18 degrees this weekend – and it’ll be chucking it down in Barcelona and Madrid.

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