Mystery as public right of way in Hale Barns is suddenly blocked off by “illegal” gate

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A public right of way in Hale Barns has been suddenly blocked off after a metal gate was erected without warning.

The path has been used by local walkers and cyclists but earlier this month they discovered that the route had been unceremoniously blocked by the gate.

Reader Greg Mape said he had used the path “for years” and that “surely this was an illegal blockade”.

The metal gate blocking the path in Hale Barns

The path is located close to Brooks Drive, off Hale Road in Hale Barns.

Mape said: “It looks like the fence is illegal but getting it shifted could take ages due to legal procedures. I don’t know who put the fence up but it is a professional job.”

A spokesman for Trafford Council said: “The path is not currently recorded on the definitive map and statement as a public right of way. We will be looking into the matter to see how it can be resolved.”

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