£800,000 upgrade of ‘Bleeding Wolf’ track in Hale will mean faster train journeys

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An area of railway named after a legendary act of bravery is to get an £800,000 upgrade this summer, ensuring quicker journeys between Altrincham and Chester.

The section of railway in Hale known as ‘Bleeding Wolf’ will benefit from the investment by the Great North Rail Project when just over a kilometre of track is overhauled.

The area is so-called because in the 13th century, as legend has it, the Earl of Chester was attacked by an injured wolf and saved by local forester Adam De Lauton.

As a reward, King John granted him as much land ‘as he could walk in a day’ – land on which the railway now stands.

The major improvements will allow a 20mph speed limit to be lifted on the Mid-Cheshire line.

Trains will then be able to run at 75mph meaning faster and more reliable journeys for Northern passengers.

Part of the ‘Bleeding Wolf’ track which will be replaced

The work will see 2,500 tonnes of railway stone and 700 sleepers replaced.

New drainage will also be installed during the work which takes place over three consecutive Sundays – June 30th, July 7th and July 14th – and throughout the weekend of August 10th to 12th.

Adrian Brookes, planning manager at Network Rail. said: “Our Great North Rail Project work along the ‘Bleeding Wolf’ section of railway in Hale will make passengers’ journeys between Greater Manchester and Cheshire faster and smoother.”

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