“There was a massive swirling sound”: Residents recall Hale “tornado” that blew roof off house and damaged cars

Some of the damage caused by July's
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Residents in Hale have recalled the “massive swirling sound” that saw a tornado-like wind leave a trail of destruction through Hale and Altrincham this evening.

A large part of a roof blew off a property on Elm Road in Hale, landing on the opposite side of the street and causing significant damage to one car and minor damage to another.

A large part of the roof of a house on Elm Road had blown off and landed across the street in this garden

Several houses in the vicinity, including a number of houses on Hale Road, also lost tiles from their roofs after the sudden weather event which happened shortly before 5.30pm this evening.

One resident, Robert Moussally, said he heard a “big crash” when the roof came off the top off the house.

One of the cars on Elm Road that was damaged by the falling roof

He told Altrincham Today: “The rain got really heavy and then there was this massive swirling sound and the trees were going absolutely mental.

“Then we heard a big crash and we heard some neighbours talking so we came out and saw that the roof from the back of one of those houses had landed in the garden over there. It’s gone over the top of the house and landed on two cars which are smashed up.”

Another picture showing the damage to one of the cars

Another local resident, Nicola Sloan-Graham, called the fire service having “never seen rain like it”.

She also reported a number of tiles falling off the roof of his house and called the fire service.

One of the roofs damaged in the weather event

Olivia Clay, another resident on Elm Road, said: “I was standing on my step, the rain was coming and then all of a sudden everything was just flying this way. It came from nothing. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

“There were three wheelie bins lifted up. I was standing there out of disbelief. It didn’t last very long but then there was a huge crash which must have been when the roof hit the car.”

One fire engine, from Altrincham Fire Station, attended the scene and made the area safe.

Tiles that fell off one of the properties on Elm Road
Firefighters from Altrincham Station making one of the properties safe on Elm Road
Another car on Elm Road suffered minor damage during the weather event
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