The teenager who killed Yousef Makki has applied for day release to spend Christmas with his family

Josh Molnar was released in February after just 215 days inside
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The teenager who fatally stabbed Yousef Makki in Hale Barns has applied for day release to spend Christmas with his family.

Josh Molnar, who is now 18, is serving a 16-month ­sentence for possession of an illegal flick knife and lying to police.

He was acquitted of the murder and manslaughter of Yousef, a former Manchester Grammar School pupil, on the grounds of self-defence.

Yousef Makki, the Manchester Grammar School pupil who was killed with a single stab wound to the heart

Yousef’s sister, Jade Akoum, said she was told on Friday by a family liaison officer that Molnar had applied for a day release to “spend time with his family”.

Police had also told her that it was “likely” it would be granted.

Josh Molnar with his mother, Stephanie

Jade said the family were “appalled” by the news, adding: “Yousef will never ever have the chance to spend time with his family again. It’s another real kick in the teeth as we will never have the chance to have another day with Yousef and they are fully aware of that.”

Molnar is in any event likely to serve only eight months of his sentence, meaning he will be released in early 2020.

Molnar’s mother, Stephanie, told the Sunday Times in October that “there were no winners in this case” and that her son “will have to live with the responsibility of his role in this for the rest of his life”.

Yousef Makki’s sister, Jade Akoum

But Yousef’s mother Deborah Makki and sister Jade Akoum said they “did not accept for one moment” that Yousef had been killed accidentally, and that the jury had been “misled”.

They said in a statement: “The utter devastation on our lives is indescribable. The injustice of everything will remain with us forever. Yousef was a bright and caring boy who had only just started to associate himself with these boys, who were not in any sense his “best friends”.”

An application by Yousef’s family to refer the sentences handed out Molnar and Boy B to the Court of Appeal was refused in August.

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