Flood warning issued for River Bollin area around Dunham Massey with “flooding of property expected”

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A flood warning has been issued for the area around Bollington Mill in Dunham Massey.

The Environment Agency said it expected River Bollin river levels at the Bollington Mill river gauge to reach flood warning level at around 10.45am today, peaking at 1.46m at 3.45pm this afternoon.

It added: “Consequently, flooding of property is expected from approximately 10:45 tomorrow (Monday). This may impact properties at and around Bollington Mill and Bollington Hall Farm. Our incident response staff are closely monitoring weather forecasts and river levels and will issue further flood warnings if necessary.”

Bollington Mill in Dunham Massey

The government agency has also issued a flood alert in relation to water levels in the River Bollin catchment generally, and expected conditions to peak between 9am and 12 noon today.

It added: “We are monitoring the situation closely. We believe there is a possibility of flooding for low lying land and roads.”

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