Trafford Council changes green bin policy again as it battles to keep service going through the coronavirus outbreak

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Trafford Council has announced another change to its green bin policy as it battles to keep the service going through the coronavirus outbreak.

Its new policy is that, as of this Monday April 20th, green bins will “temporarily” be collected every two weeks.

This change overrides all previous guidance provided by the council.

Householders should put out their green bin or street caddy with their black or blue recycling bins – not their grey bins.

Trafford stressed that this service would only be possible if the required numbers of staff were in work.

The council’s advice on green bins is now as follows:

  • Place your scheduled blue, black or grey bins out for collection as normal by 6.30am on your usual collection day – check your bin collection calendar.
  • On your scheduled grey bin day – only put out your grey bin for collection.
  • On your recycling bin day – put out your scheduled recycling bin (black or blue) and your green bin / green street caddy
  • If you have more than one green bin, the council will only empty a maximum of two green bins presented for collection per household.
  • The council will try its best to empty your green bin or green street caddy. However should it not collect your green bin or caddy, please bring it back in. It is unable to return until your next scheduled recycling bin day.
  • Please put food and garden waste in your green bin.
  • With the council’s resources stretched, any waste that is left to the side or on top of your bins will not be accepted.
  • Only contact the council to report a missed collection of your blue, black or grey bins during this period. Missed green bins cannot be logged.
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