Bone cancer survivor becomes Bowdon charity’s first Young Ambassador

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Bowdon-based children’s cancer research charity, Friends of Rosie, has welcomed a 12-year-old cancer survivor as its first ever Young Ambassador.

Ruth Grace Crosby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, when she was just eight and endured a horrific experience throughout her cancer treatment, enduring countless side effects.

She also suffered a severe allergic reaction to one of the chemotherapy drugs and eventually had her leg amputated.

As a Friends of Rosie Young Ambassador, Ruth Grace will be helping the charity to fundraise, raise awareness of the vital need for more research, and to connect with other children who have been or are going through cancer treatment.

Ruth Grace during her treatment

She said: “If my involvement can help just one another child get through treatment, that would be amazing.”

The impact of Covid 19 has significantly reduced the charity’s normal flow of support and its ability to fundraise, with a 50% drop in fundraising income since lockdown began in March.

Ruth Grace will be working with the Friends of Rosie team to come up with new fundraising ideas to get much deserved attention on childhood cancer research.

Ruth Grace had her leg amputated a year ago

It’s a year since Ruth Grace, who is now three years cancer-free, had her leg amputated.

She started back to school last week and has recently had a prosthetic leg fitted.

Felicity Goodey, Friends of Rosie Chair, said: “We’re delighted to have Ruth Grace as part of our team and I’m sure she’ll make a hugely positive impact on the work that we do.

Ruth Grace started back at school last week

“Ruth Grace is why we exist. It’s often only seeing young children going through the devastation of cancer and gruelling treatments that people realise how important it is to find better treatments and cures. Her involvement will help us to raise awareness of the need for more dedicated research into the causes, treatment, and diagnosis of childhood cancer.”

To support Friends of Rosie, visit the website.

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