RSPCA in appeal for help after dead puppy found with burns by Dunham Massey road

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The RSPCA has appealed for help after the burnt body of a puppy was discovered in Altrincham.

The distressing scene was discovered by a man walking on Paddock Lane in Dunham Massey on January 25th.

The deceased puppy, believed to be a labrador-type breed, was found with burns to its mouth and head.

The walker alerted the police who reported the matter to the RSPCA.

After an examination at the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital, a vet found there was no obvious cause of death and was even unable to ascertain the dog’s age from her teeth due to the burns.

It is also not known if the dog was burnt before or after death.

The RSPCA has now launched an investigation into the incident.

Its inspector, Beth Fazackerley, said: “I am hoping someone will know who this puppy belonged to and can provide me with that information.

A picture of the deceased dog supplied by the RSPCA, which we have chosen to blur due to its graphic nature

“Someone may have been to view a litter of puppies and may have seen this dog.

“At this stage we are not sure how the poor puppy died or why the dog was burnt in this way and then dumped alongside a road.

“A black bin liner was found nearby and we are not sure if the body had been placed in this before she was dumped and then a member of the public maybe took the body out to see what was inside.”

It’s thought that the dog’s body had been in the area since January 22nd.

Beth added: “I am also keen to hear from anyone who may have seen something suspicious in this area around the time the pup was dumped.

“I would urge anyone with information to call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.”

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