Hale Barns woman who has now survived two global pandemics celebrates 104th birthday

Anne Connor 104th birthday (1)
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Anne Connor, a resident at Sunrise in Hale Barns, has celebrated her 104th birthday.

Care home staff organised a window visit for Anne’s family on her birthday, January 14th.

They also organised balloons, a cake and a gift, and during her family visit the team sang happy birthday as her family watched through the window.

Anne, who moved to Sunrise in March 2019, was born in Dundee in 1917 and moved with her family to the Manchester area when she was quite young.

She worked all her life in a variety of jobs, particularly those requiring quick numerical calculations.

After her retirement, she was an intrepid traveller, often visiting her brother in Canada and going on a solo tour of California.

Sunrise care home in Hale Barns

She has now survived two global pandemics, having been alive during the Spanish Flu, which started in 1918 and killed up to 50 million people.

Natalie Gribben, Memory Care Coordinator at Sunrise of Hale Barns, said: “When I think about Anne, I always think about how sassy she is, she definitely has a ‘fire in her belly’. She is an incredible woman, and we are so impressed she is still able to walk at 104!”

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