Restaurant review: Mustard, Altrincham

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Having been a firm favourite of the food scene in Sale for some time, we can finally bid farewell to our FOMO now that Mustard has opened the doors to its second restaurant right here in Altrincham

Taking inspiration from the iconic New York diner scene, this fact is evident in the food, fixtures and fittings. The menu offers both plates big and small, ‘dogs’, burgers, fried chicken and salads, and a range of craft ales and cocktails, shakes and sundaes. All set against an informal and authentic backdrop of booths and bar stools. 

Mustard takes its inspiration from the New York diner scene

And it is Mustard that provided my very first ‘eating out inside’ dining destination of 2021. Food cooked and brought to me, on plates that I neither owned nor had to wash up? It was already going to be a great day.

But then it got better. For this food was deliciously dirty in all ways good and I was about to lose all dignity. Cutlery was provided but I was going for the immersive experience. And as my plus 1 ‘enjoyed’ his ringside view of my delirious, slightly manic face covered in all manner of pickles, sauces, stringy melted cheese and, of course, mustard, I reminded him of his vows. 

Mustard offers hot dogs, burgers, fried chicken and salads along with a range of craft ales, cocktails, shakes and sundaes

And so here are five things I learnt from my visit:

  • Cauliflower florets are naughty. Just serve them up fried, seasoned and with a vegan sriracha mayo. Spectacular.
  • After trying the ‘Original Burger’ of chicken cooked in buttermilk, book-ended in brioche and drenched in American cheese, kewpie mayo, pickles, onions and lettuce, the only chicken colonel round here is Mustard.
  • Dogs are for life and not just for the Christmas markets. Especially when it’s the ‘Chilli Dog’ dressed with added beef, cheese, crushed nachos, chillis and sauces both ranch and hot.
  • Cheeseburgers need not be consigned to a bun. They can be deconstructed and set free as deliciously loaded fries (p.s. forks are for wimps).
  • Even when portions are plentiful, with a few deep breaths and a steely determination, you can successfully put away your body weight in food in under 60 minutes (especially when this tasty).

In summary, Mustard categorically cuts it as a welcome addition to the Alty food scene.

Restaurant: Mustard

Address: 5-7 Shaws Road, Altrincham, WA14 1QU

Bookings: Call 0161 928 7345 or visit

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