Former secondary school teacher launches Conexus Tuition in Altrincham

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Prolonged periods of school closures have prompted many parents to turn to tutors for support during lockdown.

As schools reopen and we begin a new school year, national tuition firm Conexus Tuition has opened a new Altrincham base in St George’s Parish Centre on Church Walk.

We caught up with Rebecca Farr, Principal Director of Conexus Tuition Altrincham, to tell us a bit about what it offers.

ALTRINCHAM TODAY: Firstly, can you tell us a bit about Conexus Tuition and how you came to be involved?

REBECCA FARR: Conexus Tuition began in Lymm in 2013, and specialises in small group tuition (a maximum of six students) with our most popular offering being a two-hour session of Maths, English and Science for just £32.

Since 2013 we have helped thousands of children to unlock their potential by complimenting their school work with relaxed, interactive and high quality tuition sessions in accessible local venues.

Conexus Tuition is based out of St George’s Parish Centre

All our tutors are qualified teachers/exam experts with an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum who excel in teaching students exam technique as well as the most important content likely to appear on their examination papers.

We are also a tuition partner for Phase 2 of the National Tutoring Programme, following a rigorous application process. In this way we can help local schools access subsidised tuition for their disadvantaged students.

We have a state-of-the-art support system for parents and pride ourselves on the quality of both our provision and our tutors.

We are here to provide additional help, support and guidance to your child with a focus on specifically helping students to tackle the examination process.

Rebecca is a secondary school teacher of Spanish and French with over 20 years’ experience

AT: What’s your background and and what led you into tutoring?

RF: Having seen first hand how tuition can help improve a child’s confidence, improve their subject knowledge, and help them understand the strategies needed to help maximise marks in their exams, I am delighted to be able to bring our brand of high-quality, impactful tuition to Altrincham.

I have previously been running the Conexus Tuition Cheshire East area, and am delighted to have made the move to the Altrincham territory as I have a good knowledge of the locality, living very close by in Lymm, and having taught in Altrincham myself.

As a secondary school teacher of Spanish and French with over 20 years’ experience, I became convinced of the benefits of tuition after being involved with small group intervention in school and seeing the progress it enabled students to make. Also, as a mum of two boys, I am well aware of the problems which can arise over the course of a child’s education, and can assure you that Conexus Tuition Altrincham is here to help your child overcome any obstacles which you feel might be impeding their progress. I really wish that I had had the benefit of using Conexus when I was struggling helping my boys revise for their GCSEs!

Tuition can help improve your child’s confidence, improve their subject knowledge, and help them understand the strategies needed to help maximise marks in their exams.

Pupils are taught two-hour classes in English, Maths and Science

AT: What types of classes are you offering and how do you think they might differ from other tutoring organisations in the market?

We are offering a two-hour class of English, Maths and Science taught by subject specialists, starting on September 22nd at St George’s Parish Centre. This is 40 minutes for each subject, and has proven to be an immensely successful model. We believe this is a unique form of delivery where the results and reviews speak for themselves.

We can also offer past papers and mock exams which can be marked by an experienced examiner who can then give individual and personalised feedback to your child.

We also hope to start offering 11+ tuition in the near future.

AT: Why St George’s and how important do you feel the location or indeed the platform is to teaching?

RF: I chose St George’s because not only is it a modern, spacious building, but it has a fantastic location, within walking distance of North Cestrian, Loreto, AGGS, ABGS and BTHCC. It is also within easy reach of the Timperley schools and St Ambrose College.

AT: For anybody interested in booking their child onto one of your classes – what would you like them to do?

RF: In the first instance, contact me on 07946636009 to discuss your requirements, or message our Facebook page. Alternatively you can enrol your child using the form here. You can find latest offers on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

From our Instagram page