Sir Graham Brady welcomes move to drop restrictions as Altrincham Covid-19 cases halve in a week

Moving to Tier 3 would mean that all Altrincham pubs and bars not serving
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Covid-19 cases in Altrincham have fallen by over 50% in one week – according to the latest data.

The number of tests coming back positive in the area fell from 1,708 cases to 783.

Out of the town’s 10 districts, Hale experienced the steepest decline in cases, while Timperley East has seen cases fall the least quickly.

Boris Johnson will scrap the current ‘Plan B’ rules, which includes work-from-home guidance and Covid passes.

DistrictTotal cases% change
Altrincham West & Dunham71-54
Altrincham East112-48
Broadheath & Firsway94-46
Hale Barns69-42
Timperley East91-40
Timperley North73-61
Timperley South79-55
West Timperley91-45
Data from

The Government will also no longer mandate face coverings in public places from next Thursday and have been dropped in schools from today.

Speaking to Altrincham Today, local MP Sir Graham Brady said: “I have long been campaigning for a shift towards trusting people to make decisions for themselves and their families.

Sir Graham Brady has welcomed the move to drop restrictions

“I am glad that ‘plan B’ restrictions are now being dropped. It is time for us to use our own judgment and to recognise that COVID is now an endemic virus with which we will have to live.”

Positive Covid-19 tests are falling more rapidly in Altrincham than the Trafford area (-50.6%) and England (-38.9%) as a whole.

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