Altrincham headteacher is already walking unaided – despite breaking neck and back when falling tree crushed her car

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Altrincham headteacher Helen Gee is already able to walk unaided – despite breaking her neck and back when a tree fell on her car during high winds last Saturday.

In an update this afternoon, Bowdon Preparatory School for Girls said Mrs Gee felt “blessed” to be able to walk away from the accident.

Mrs Gee was driving her black Peugeot along Dunham Road shortly before noon on Saturday when a large tree fell and almost crushed her car, trapping her inside.

The Ashley Road school has now revealed the severity of the injuries she suffered in the incident, including a broken back, neck and ribs.

But in a statement, the school said Mrs Gee – who has been headteacher of the school since 2013 – was hoping to be discharged from hospital soon in order to continue her recovery at home.

Helen Gee has been headteacher of Bowdon Prep since 2013

They said: “Helen Gee, headteacher of Bowdon Preparatory School for Girls, was involved in a serious car accident on Saturday afternoon when her car was crushed by a falling tree on Dunham Road.

“With help from the emergency services, she was freed from the car and taken to hospital, where she is being treated for severe, but thankfully not life-changing, injuries.

“She has suffered a broken back, neck and ribs and is now in back and neck braces.

Mrs Gee’s car was almost completely crushed by the tree

“However, she is able to stand and walk unaided and is hoping to be home very soon to start her convalescence. She feels blessed to have been able to walk away from the accident.”

The school reiterated that it would be “at least” six weeks before Mrs Gee would be fit enough to return to school.

Sara Makepeace-Taylor, who has been on the senior leadership team at Bowdon Prep since September 2018, has been appointed Acting Head in the meantime, and will be supported by the school’s senior leadership team and Board of Governors.

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