Hale care home resident celebrates 107th birthday

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A resident at a care home in Hale has celebrated her 107th birthday.

A special celebration with family and friends marked Hilda Waterhouse’s big day at Care UK’s Halecroft Grange, on Hale Road.

The care home team decorated the lounge with balloons and banners and the home’s head chef baked a special birthday cake for everyone to enjoy at a surprise afternoon tea party in the home’s garden.

Born in Altrincham on July 1st 1915, Hilda married her husband, Charles, in 1939 at St George’s Church.

The couple moved to Sale where they later had two daughters, Beryl and Judith.

An avid reader with a passion for cooking, Hilda spent many years cooking new recipes for her family which she would learn from cookbooks and trying different cuisines at local restaurants and on family holidays.

Suzi Sumegi, General Manager at Halecroft Grange, said: “Here at Halecroft Grange, we always like to throw a party for special milestones – and Hilda’s 107th birthday certainly called for a celebration!

“It was fantastic to help her celebrate this incredible milestone with her family and friends here at Halecroft Grange with a surprise afternoon tea party, and to raise a glass to her fantastic milestone – cheers to Hilda!”

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