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Welcome to Goose Green, the beating art of Altrincham

Local artists’ work mingles with internationally renowned art at the Goose Green Art Gallery.

If there’s one artist whose work is synonymous with Altrincham, it’s George Allen.

The watercolourist - who lived in Hale for most of his life before spending his later years on Bloomsbury Grove in Timperley - was self-taught but his scenes of the Cheshire countryside became known across the world.

Before his death in 1992, he also painted numerous Altrincham locations, with one famous painting of Goose Green - a vibrantly colourful work known as Goose Green Gossip - selling thousands of prints over the last 30 years.

So there’s a pleasing sense of continuity to learn that the Goose Green Gallery, located in the heart of the courtyard that George has ensured is hanging on walls around the world, is now run by his son, Gordon.

Goose Green Art Gallery in Altrincham

“It came about by accident,” said Gordon. “We started three years ago in lockdown - there was a bridal shop here that closed and Mark (Rubin, owner of Goose Green), who knew my father, asked if I wanted to display some of his art in the unit to make it look as if there was a bit of life here.

“So we started with 10 of my dad's paintings and it just grew from there. Straight away, people loved the space.”

Step inside today and you are immediately dazzled by the sheer array of art, of all genres, that dot the walls throughout the two-storey space.

Local artists’ work mingles with internationally renowned art. On one wall there’s a piece by Mike Roberts, who specialises in paintings based on the works of the poet Edward Lear, many of which have been displayed in the Edward Lear Museum in Cambridge.

The inside of the Goose Green Art Gallery is covered with all genres of art

Propped up in the window is a dramatic work from Conor McGuinness, who under the Cheshire Paint brand has established himself as one of the most in-demand interior design artists in Cheshire.

The gallery also has the largest collection of works by the extraordinary fantasy artist Graham Illingworth.

“He was the country's best fantasy artist between 1965 and 2002, at which point he suddenly just gave up overnight,” said Gordon. 

“There was a gallery in Knutsford called The Churchill that was the main stockist, but five years ago it closed and I bought their huge stock of Graham Illingworth paintings. I have people from America come for them - they are very sought after.”

Artist David Kaitiff with his work Spiderman in Time Square

Other particularly spectacular works include those of a new artist called David Kaitiff.

One that’s almost impossible to ignore as you enter the gallery is a large depiction of Spiderman in Time Square, but there are similarly striking works involving a butterfly, alsatian dog and lion.

His innovative technique - which utilises a glue gun and metallic elements to create something that Gordon agrees is “quite stunning” - will soon be rewarded with a dedicated space on the gallery’s first floor. 

The gallery has built such a reputation in the art world that Gordon is now being approached by artists from all over the country, to the extent that there’s now a waiting list of over a year.

It also has a partnership with Love To Frame, the renowned Timperley company that ensures all of the gallery’s bespoke framing needs are met. 

Gallery owner Gordon Allen

The work here is very accessible, though.

“We have artwork from very cheap to quite expensive, but there's something here for everyone in terms of style and taste,” said Gordon. 

So what does he look for when deciding what to exhibit?

“The artists have got to be genuine, and their artwork has got to be marketable. That doesn't necessarily mean I have to like it - sometimes I have to hold my hands up and agree that something's great,” added Gordon.

“We want people to achieve in terms of sales here, but the most important thing is to get their profile raised.”

Has any of his father’s talent with a paintbrush been passed down the genes?

“I can't paint,” confessed Gordon. “You can either do it or you can't. A lot of artists nowadays go to classes, but it's like being a footballer - if you haven’t got it in you, you're never going to be Ronaldo no matter how much you train.” 

Gordon’s mission is now to make sure that as many people as possible know about this art-lover’s paradise in Goose Green.

“We want more people back in this lovely outdoor space in Goose Green. I’d love this space to be decorated with fabulous artworks and be a place for artists to sit outside and paint. We want to turn Goose Green into the art quarter of Altrincham.”

Goose Green Gallery, 8 Goose Green, Altrincham WA14 1DW. For more information, visit

Photography: Laura Marie Linck