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When will my bins be collected this week and will Trafford Council collect my green bin?

How will the Easter Bank Holiday weekend affect your bin collection this week?

How will the Easter Bank Holiday weekend affect your bin collection this week?

Trafford Council says that grey and black bins will be collected as normal this week – you can check your bin collection day by postcode here.

As stated last week, the council is carrying out one last green bin collection.

Until this Friday, April 17th, it has advised residents to present green bins or green caddies for collection on residents’ scheduled black bin day, as well as the black bin.

The council is asking people to “please bear with us at this time… we are doing everything possible to maintain the service as best we can”.

Last Monday it apologised after a rise in self-isolating staff meant it could not collect green bins on that day. There’s no word yet whether it will be able to collect from those households before the last green bin collection this Friday.

The council is also reminding householders of the following:

  • You should continue to put food waste in your grey bin. Compostable bags will not be delivered
  • For the time being, you should not put garden waste in your green bin
  • Any waste that is left to the side or on top of your bin will not be accepted
  • Only contact the council to report a missed collection of your grey or black bins during this period
  • Households are limited to presenting a maximum of two green bins for collection.

It adds that green bins presented for collection after this Friday will not be collected.

Trafford said the information was being reviewed “daily”, and “may change at short notice”.