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‘My home clinic in Hale ensures my clients are guaranteed privacy'

As the business celebrates its 25th anniversary, Dina Scott tells us more about her home-based clinic Dunham Consulting.

Originally set up by her mum, Dunham Consulting is a laser hair removal clinic based at Dina Scott’s home in Hale.

As the business celebrates its 25th anniversary, she tells us why a home clinic is ideal for clients who are looking for complete discretion - and how it helps them to “feel a bit special”.

ALTRINCHAM TODAY: Tell us a bit of the background to Dunham Consulting.

DINA SCOTT: I was born and raised in Hale Barns and Bowdon, and I’ve lived here all my life. My mum, Tricia Oppizio, set up a beauty salon in Hale Barns in the 80s called Essentials.

She was actually one of the first to bring lasers into the country, and in 1998 set up a laser clinic called Dunham Consulting alongside the salon. Her plan was to sell the salon and carry on with the lasers as a way of slowly retiring, but the opposite happened - it got stupidly busy!

In 2004 I came on board to help out - I’m trained in lasers and advanced cosmetic procedures - and it just progressed from there.

AT: So what services does Dunham Consulting now offer?

DS: Primarily we are a laser hair removal clinic. Lasers can remove dark hair only, so we also offer electrolysis which treats blonde, grey, white or red hair.

We also offer laser vein removal and I will treat things like skin tags, blood spots, warts, fungal nail infections... all the nasty things that people don't like and get quite embarrassed over. We can get rid of it here, no problem at all.

We do other complementary services like semi-permanent make-up, Rejuvapen skin needling, collagen-boosting facials, acne treatment, as well as cosmetic procedures carried out by Dr Verka Beric including Profhilo, PhilArt, Ultracel, dermal fillers and muscle inhibitor injections.

AT: Where do your clients come from?

DS: We have clients from all over Greater Manchester, but we’ve also found that people will still come back to us even after moving to London or Birmingham.

They don't want to trust anyone else with this kind of treatment. At one point we had a client who travelled from Dubai! One size does not fit all with these treatments - they’re tailor-made to each individual. Unless you really understand what a person needs it's not going to be a successful treatment. 

Dina Scott at her home clinic in Hale

AT: Unusually the clinic is actually based at your home here in Hale. What advantages does that bring for the client?

DS: I had a clinic built onto the side of my home in Hale in 2013. It means that we’re very private and discreet.

When the clinic was first opened it was always attached to a private residence - we've never been on a high street. We've never had people walking past and looking in - it's one of those treatments where people want privacy. They don't want other people to know that they're getting their upper lip or chin lasered.

People like the fact they come up a private driveway. We give a very personal treatment. It also makes people feel a bit special. You're entering a private residence and you get treated as such. 

AT: When are you open for treatments?

DS: I’m very flexible, so even though we’re shut on a Monday I can always open up for a customer if need be. Our normal hours are 10am to 7pm during the week, and then 10am for as long as people need me on a Saturday.

It doesn't have to be a long treatment - for things like lips, chins and under-arms, it takes no longer than 10 minutes. Lower legs can take an hour. I only charge by time, which is £37 per 10-minute session. All my clients know that the quicker they get sorted, the less they're going to pay. I'm not one of those who will drag a treatment out - if it can be done in 15 minutes, I'll make sure it's done in 15 and not 20.

Dunham Consulting, 2 Hermitage Road, Hale WA15 8BN. For a free consultation and patch test, call Dina on 0161 980 6688 or visit