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BREAKING: Police investigating “targeted attack” after gunshots fired in Hale last night

Police are investigating after gunshots were fired in Hale village at around last night.

Police are investigating after gunshots were fired at a house in Hale village last night.

Around 9.15pm last night, a series of loud bangs were clearly heard by many locals throughout the village.

The forensics team have been working at a house on Peel Avenue all morning and have found bullet casings.

Police at the crime scene this morning

Greater Manchester Police said that there were no injuries but “the incident is believed to be a targeted attack”.

One local resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “There was around eight or nine shots fired. It sounded like a canister of bangers, bang bang bang. The family there haven’t been in all week.”

The forensics team examining the exterior of the house

The road is currently taped off while the crime scene is investigated.

Another family member was returning home from a night out in Altrincham at around 1:30am this morning and the roads around the Peel Avenue, Ashley Road, Willow Tree Avenue area had all been taped off.

She had also heard a similar sound on Tuesday evening earlier this week.

Officers and detectives have been speaking to locals all morning and also believe that the house was empty.