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Altrincham Sainsbury's closed after attempted ram raid

It happened at around 1.20 this morning.

Altrincham's main Sainsbury's supermarket is closed today after an attempted ram-raid in the early hours of this morning.

The whole of the Lloyd Street shop has been cordoned off after the serious incident, which happened at around 1.20am.

Man arrested in connection with Sainsbury's ram-raid

Witnesses report seeing a number of youths in the car park at the time, with video showing a purple Nissan X-Trail reversed into the main entrance, colliding with a number of bollards and other obstacles in the process.

The damaged Nissan X-Trail used in this morning's attempted ram raid

This morning, the damaged Nissan remains in the car park, with visible damage to its side and rear and a side door propped open.

The main entrance to Sainsbury's has suffered significant damage, with the automatic doors shattered and twisted off their hinges.

We understand the interior of the store may also have suffered flooding damage caused by the sprinkler system being activated by the incident.

The front entrance of Sainsbury's damaged in last night's incident

The incident led to a significant police response this morning, including a police helicopter.

The whole of the car park remains cordoned off today, with the supermarket likely to be shut for the whole of the day while police and forensic experts carry out investigations.

Here's footage of the actual incident last night:

Video showing the attempted ram raid last night - and the aftermath this morning

There's no news yet on when it may be reopening. No cars were being allowed into the car park at all this morning.

We've contacted Greater Manchester Police for further details about the incident.

More pictures from the scene: