Referenda on influential town centre plan to take place on Thursday

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A referendum to determine whether an influential plan should be adopted by Trafford Council will take place on Thursday.

The Neighbourhood Business Plan defines the various uses to which land can be allocated in Altrincham town centre and will influence the policies that will determine the size and design of future buildings and spaces.

It also guides where private and public sector investment takes place. It has been developed by the Neighbourhood Forum, made up of over 100 members of the local community and involved a thorough public consultation process with thousands of responses received.

This Thursday will actually see two referenda take place, one for the businesses who have registered to take part within the plan boundary and the other for the 1,300 residents who live within the town centre / plan boundary and are eligible to vote. All those able to take part in the vote will have received documentation giving details of how they can take part.

Tony Collier, chair of the Neighbourhood Forum, said: “It is crucial that those who are eligible to take part in the vote this Thursday, do so and vote ‘yes’ to the Council adopting the Plan.

“The Plan was developed by the community as a result of a comprehensive consultation process and securing a ‘yes’ vote ​means it will be ​used as the basis for all planning decisions up to 2030.

“As we have previously said, we were devastated by the Council and Independent Examiner’s decision to refuse to widen the boundary to include the thousands who took part in the consultation.

“This is why only 1,300 residents can take part in the vote, less than 5% of those who use the town centre. What is important now is that those who can vote make sure they do, and they vote ‘yes’ to adopt this plan which is essential for the continued re-generation of Altrincham town centre.”

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