Garrick play will “vividly evoke the tragic lives of the Bronte family”

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Bronte, a play which vividly evokes the tragic lives of the Bronte family, is to open at the Altrincham Garrick on Monday.

Written by Polly Teale and first premiered in 2005, Bronte features an outstanding cast, director and crew, and is set to provide a stimulating and thought-provoking evening of theatre. It runs from Monday 11th to Saturday 16th March.

When interviewed by The Guardian shortly before the premiere, Teale said: “How was it possible that these women, three celibate Victorian sisters, living in isolation on the Yorkshire moors, could have written some of the most passionate (even erotic) fiction of all time?

“In order to answer that conundrum it is possible to use theatre’s potential to make visible what is hidden, to give form to the world of imagination, emotion and memory, to go beyond the surface of everyday life.”

At the start of the play, three actresses, in modern dress, are discussing the Brontes and their work. As they don their costumes, they assume the identities of Charlotte, Emily and Anne and so the story unfolds.

For tickets to the play, call the box office on 0161 928 1677 (Option 1) or visit the website.

A picture from rehearsals for Bronte at the Garrick
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