Angkor Soul announces permanent closure of Altrincham restaurant “with a heavy heart”

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Acclaimed Cambodian restaurant Angkor Soul has permanently closed its Altrincham site in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Ashley Road restaurant, owned by head chef Y Sok, said it had closed its doors “with a heavy heart” after failing to come to an agreement with its landlord.

A statement on its Facebook page read: “Our lease is up for renewal, and in these scary times we decided it was too risky to continue operating, or to sign a new lease.

Angkor Soul on Ashley Road, which had opened in June 2018

“We have become a very successful restaurant in Altrincham, building a loyal following, and booked most weekends. With uncertainties in the restaurant business right now, we decided it was best to not continue trading. We thank you for your support.

“I encourage everyone to support all the wonderful restaurants in Altrincham during this crisis, they will need your support to stay open.”

Y Sok said she had taken less than £200 in revenue this week, while another of its restaurants (it has others sites in Marple and Stockport Market) made just £19.

Angkor Soul had been a favourite of Altrincham diners

She added: “Altrincham being the most expensive location for us was at high risk. We understand that we have our priorities, and our landlord has his, and we mutually couldn’t come to an agreement.

“It’s scary on both sides, but in order to survive, we knew we had to close our doors. Letting staff go is heartbreaking, as this is a very difficult time to find work in this industry. The pandemic has had a huge effect, but some things are out of control.

“I am happy we got a chance to exist, and thrive in Altrincham. Hopefully when the world is safer, we are able to dine together, we will be back. Until then we will be crying, and drinking all the wine in stock.”

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